Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thoughts on Racism From Around tha Web

images like this 1 are ttly missguided n paint michael jordan as a racist when rly he's not 1;
this is also what has happened 2 phil anselmo since the 90s.

From Celebrity Tattoos comments (maltstream hotbed of post-Brangelina theory):

angry black guy // Jul 23, 2009 at 10:47 am
fuck this white supremacist piece of garbage

panterafan4life // Sep 25, 2009 at 12:48 am
Go back where u came from douche bag… everyone is entitled to how they feel and their beliefs… if u dont like it, who cares? Its not his fault ur black. And as far as him being a piece of garbage, u are obviously ignorant to the fact that he is a very talented artist… Speaking of ignorant do u know what other word means ignorant? Angry black guy my ass! U got one pissed off white girl!

user: panterafan4life makes a vry interestin point here, in that it is def not Phil Anselmo's fault that user: angry black guy is black. it's ignorance, ppl. this is also the reason why so many ppl don't reelize dat obama is both a sochialist n muslim. bein hot n racist is not mutually xclusiv, which i think is da main point here?

in this drawing tha artist has rly captured how pissed off phil gets when ppl call him a racist

From Wiki Answers:

Q: Is Phil Anselmo racist?

A: I don't believe phil anselmo is racist but perhaps i am swayed slightly by the fact that pantera were (are) my favourite band. You have to remember that for most of his career he has been drunk, stoned or on heroin. That is not an excuse for some of the more ill thought out comments he has made, but would certainly explain his inability to make a well rounded argument. He says things that people often think but do not have the strength or will to say- understandably so. Unfortunately, 90% of hip hop videos are vulgar, sexist, violent and celebrate everything that is wrong with American or western society. However, if you want to announce some such comment, it would be wise to explain that this is not an attack on black people, black culture, or the average American wherever he/she be from. The last thing that thick, ignorant white people need in a violent, anomic society is borderline racist comments.

thanks 4 clearin dat up ID1545103204, it srsly is a big problem that blacks don't reelize dat most racists are on heroine or alchol (beer). i bet jesse ventura sed he hated whites when he was on heroine and he's the poster-boi for blackism.

k so in conclushion phil anselmo is not a racist cause he once wore a public enemie shirt onstage wif superjoint ritual.


  1. sister fucker....

    There's a Public Enemy rap group and there's also a Public Enemy Nazi Punk band. I dont think Phil Anselmo would wear a Public Enemy(rap) t-shirt.

  2. I love Pntera, great band, same like others for ex Lamb of God ....in 2008 I was on Down it was awesome,Phil Anselomo great artist, a talent, if he is a racist,so what? maybie it is wright!
    I'm from north-east europe and now I living in other (europe-white country ) but in fucking black getto( fucking place, small town) We cn't go out normaly from home, if the girl is white (from europe) for all monkeys she is a bitch why?and everyone from them whants her like a peace of meet.. fucking black mass ,bastards die!

  3. Oh Phil is rascist, alright, as is the rest of Pantera. You can get a you tube clip of him screaming white power at a concert if you want to look for it.

    In Montreal Vinnie Paul replied in an interview to the comment "we don't see many black faces at your shows" with "and we're pretty happy about that." The only reason they deny it is because in our free thinking society they would be shut down for having a free opinion. There were many reciprocal Fascist salutes at their shows in Montreal and we were all quite happy about it at the time.

  4. 2015 and ALL you hear is race this race that! Somebody said something bout somebody had to be cause they black. Eff yall white people, its a black tank you wouldnt understand,pants down for easy access in prison for sex yea you look real cool! Dont keep telling us were racists and you want to kill white people cause fact is theres a lot of guns in the projects,lot of junk that you cant hit side of barn holding all sideways gangsta style! The Police are not out to get you and its time you showed them some respect,or they can pretty much legally beat some respect in ya so get over it! Point: YOU also have to live by the rules the rest of us do your not special and dont get a pass to break the law! Police treat you just like they would treat me if I acted like ya now go chew on that and stop trying to MAKE me Racist!!!

  5. Racist or not Pantera was the most badass band ever!

  6. Oh and Phil Anselmo is a Metal God!!!!!