Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can anyone really 'define' Phil Anselmo?

This is a major question I think about a lot. What 'is' Phil Anselmo? I'm not a philanthropy student but I have given this idea lots of time. Some peeps around tha web have obvs given it some thouht 2:

From Urban Dictionary:

Phil Anselmo. Ledgend. He was with Pantera. Had a bunch of side prohjects. Superjoint ritual and Down being the two major ones. He played guitar on the Superjoint ritual Cd`s `Use once and destroy` and `A Lethal dose of american hatred` I describe them as `perfcted garage rock` people just expected a lot more from him. Personally, I find both cd`s very good, same ol phil. Down is more melodic and relased 2 cd`s also `Nola` in 95` and `Down II` Down is more melodic and in general is thought to have more musical depth than superjoint ritual. I also belive Rex is playing with them, Rex being the old Bass player of Pantera. Everyone hates phil. Not me, I love the fact he`s an asshole. He`s a successful herion addict. How many people do you know that have lived thier entire life addicted to a substance and lived, and he`s still going strong. He is a God of metal. Who cares if the guy is an asshole, listen to the music.

Guy1: Dude, phil just spit on me and called me a fucking asshole.
Me: So what, I thought you were supposted to be into metal, stop being such a whiney faggot.

Guy2:I hate Phil
Me: He`s sold millons of records colectivly and never followed the trend, blow me.

by giotech is godzilla, May 1, 2005

K so right off tha bat 'giotech is godzilla' (sweet Sepul ref BTW) has hit on something: the fact that Phil is a ledgend. Websta's defines 'ledgend' as 'no dictionary results' which I think is just another example of tha mainstream media 'not gettin' Phil.

K moving on 'giotech is godzilla' points out the fact that most mainstream ppl hate on Phil 4 bein an asshole but he loves Phil for bein an asshole. This I think is a really important point about the mindset of the Pantera fan which is basically 'Deal With It'.

Like 'giotech is godzilla' says, Phil is a successful heroin addict. He's really really good at shootin smach. The mainstream media doesn't want kids to shoot smach because they r scared of the possibilitys. If A Current Affair does a story bout ppl on smach they will always show a video like this, in which some smach head is bein really lame, also boring and asian. They will NEVER show you a video like this, where Phil is delving in2 some serious intelligent shit about how Black Flag took Henry Rollins to a basement and he was howling in a basement where Phil was also there one time.SIDE NOTE this story about Phil hanging out with famous jazz black Henry Rollins is yet ANOTHER example of why Phil is not a white supremer. But gettin back 2 my point - Would you ever guess that Phil was blasted on heroin when this video was filmed? NO YOU WOULD NOT, and that is because Phil is a ledgend and the mainstream media can't Deal With It.

'giotech is godzilla' sums up his definition of Phil with some examples of conversations he must have had with a couple of Guys who hate Phil on the street, cause it doesn't rly look like a convo from ICQ 2 me LOL. Massive respect to 'giotech is godzilla' for gettin out there and gettin in ppls faces about Phil, this is what we all need to start doin ASAP. In the first convo some Guy is sayin about how Phil spit on him and 'giotech is godzilla' comes back wit a crushing burn about how if he actually liked metal he would stop bein such a whiney faggot. I've really got nothing else 2 say about this, it's totally accurate. In the second convo this Guy is saying how he hates Phil. 'giotech is godzilla' comes back with a crushing burn about how Phil has sold millions of records and gotten blown heaps which is totally true and actually a really good point about sex.

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